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Learn about the Marine Corps and find a Place to Connect & Share™ with Marine parents, moms, dads, spouses, family & friends during all phases the Marine Corps: from bootcamp, training, deployment, transitioning and more.

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Marine Corps families and friends supporting each other during bootcamp and deployments. MarineParents.com is Your Place to Connect & Share™. The Few, The Proud, The Marines!
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The United States Marine Corps
www.MarineParents.comImportant facts about The Marine Corps plus learn the importance of OPSEC (Operational Security) so you can help keep our Marines safe: About the USMC, Security (OPSEC), The GI Bill, Military Pay
Our New Veterans
Our newest generation: Returning from combat, warrior transitioning, Vet Benefits, PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, COSR: Combat Operational Stress Reaction: Our New Vets
a Place to Connect & Share™
Visit www.MarineParents.com, a Place to Connect & Share (tm)

This is where you'll meet other families in your Marine's unit or your recruit's platoon: Learn More, Chat Room, Message Boards, Live Support, Contact Us
Bootcamp & Training
Learn about bootcamp (MCRD) at Parris Island & San Diego, meet families with your recruit, and learn what training comes after bootcamp: Bootcamp, SOI, MOS
Duty Stations & Unit Information
For active duty and reserves. Learn about your Marine's permanent duty station and unit: Permanent Duty Stations, Reserve Units, Unit Information Database
Deployments & Homecomings
What you MUST KNOW about deployments, before, during and after: Overview, Communications, Care Packages, Issues, Locations, Homecomings
How You Can Help
Ways you can support the troops and their families here at home: Donations, Troop Support, Volunteering
Help for You
Links to information, support groups, and help for you during bootcamp and deployments: Overview, New to the Site, Local Support Groups, Start a Support Group
About MarineParents.com
Learn how we got started, meet our volunteers and board of directors: Mission Statement, Our Volunteers, History, My Story ~ My Son, Press Kit, Contact Us

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